Why Backpackers Should Stay in One Place For a While 


Backpackers usually don’t really stay in one place for that long. Everyone has their own reasons for moving on — time, budget, bucket list, what have you. 

But there’s definitely something to be said for staying in one place longer than what’s comfortable. 

You really get to know it. 

And in San Juan Del Sur, we’ve gotten to know, among the restaurants and bars,  some of the animals. 

That bird up there, that’s Beach Bird. He (she?) trolls the same spot every day. 

Seriously, everyday when we walk the beach, Beach Bird is there without fail. Always on his own, always walking towards and away from the water. Lonely little buddy. 

It’s pretty nice to get familiar with things, but I must say, after 2 weeks in San Juan Del Sur, we’re looking forward to going to Granada on Saturday. Small towns do get smaller the longer you’ve been there. 

— Cynthia 

One thought to “Why Backpackers Should Stay in One Place For a While ”

  1. Looks like an egret. They are really sweet.
    And you are right – small places are SMALL! Has it’s advantages but there are negatives too.

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