What’s With The Wind in Nicaragua?


San Juan Del Sur is just as windy as Managua! Sometimes it feels like mother nature is trying to pick you up and throw you…or stop you in your tracks…and at the very least, it’s like she wants you to reconsider if you really want to go wherever it is your going.

But not everything is as it seems. 

The rainy season is coming to Nicaragua. The winds will bring the rain next month. 

What a cool thing it is to be able to experience this change of seasons. It’s things like this — like the ridiciulously strong winds — that make travel most exciting and well worth doing. You’d never really know, or be able to understand something like that unless you’re there…until you’re here.

 — Cyn

3 thoughts to “What’s With The Wind in Nicaragua?”

  1. “But not everything is as it seems.” Yes. When Mom and I talk about practising meditation formally and living mindfully (in the moment)… you are doing just that. Noticing and appreciating the “ridiculously strong winds” is what life’s all above.

    Thank you for this reminder. Can’t wait for your next post.

    Miss & love you,

    1. I miss and love you too Lea! I think it’s much easier to live in the moment when everything is new to you … Kind of like a child who has not written a story about everything yet. I suppose it’s one of the things I love about travel: you’re totally fresh to the world.


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