Visit The Actual Equator in Ecuador

When you hear the word equator, what do you see? A tropical paradise? A perfect line that divides the world in half? Yourself, straddling the Northern and Southern Hemispheres?

How about Ecuador? 

What, no takers? 

Well, you can add Ecuador to your list of things to picture the next time to you hear the word equator. After all, the country was named after the famous diving line!

the equator
that’d be the equator

Of course, when we were in Ecuador in July this summer, we just HAD to take a little trip to the equator. Afterall, I’d been dreaming of standing in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres AT THE SAME TIME for as long as I can remember! 

Just joking, I hardly thought about it…

But being just a short drive away from the actual equator, a spark was ignited and I wanted to be in two places at once. That, my friends and family, has been an actual dream of mine.

Because it’s cool! And not something you can do everyday.

Cynthia laying on the equator
I had an overwhelming urge to lay on the equator
Cyn and Matt standing on the equator in Ecuador
selfie on the equator in Ecuador

We didn’t make a special trip just for those fantastic photos, although you could if you wanted to. We went as part of a day trip from Quito with Community Hostel

It might be worth a seperate trip, but I do think it’s pretty cool to be able to aay that we stood on the actual equator.  

Oh, and we also saw someone propose there! Awwww how cute! 

– Cyn 

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