There’s a (sort of) Desert in Panama and We Had To Go

– There’s a desert in Panama?

– Well ya. Something like that. It’s called a semi-desert. I want to see it. Want to go?

– Sure!

And a few days later, off we went in search of Panama’s unpopular Sarigua National Park.

That’s one of my favourite things about travelling: hearing of a place, wanting to go, and just doing it! No need to wait till the weekend.

I love deserts so much that sitting in the dry lake bed in Las Vegas was one of my favourite things about that trip! And Matt loves physical geography. So off we went on a mad mission to see this desert thing.


But we weren’t going to Sarigua National Park simply because I love deserts and Matt loves landscapes. Oh no.

We wanted to see deforestation firsthand.  


It was a learning opportunity that I wish we never had, to be honest.

 It’s just so sad to think that people did this.

And even worse, that people continue to do this to forests and rain forests everywhere. And for what?  

— Cyn


2 thoughts to “There’s a (sort of) Desert in Panama and We Had To Go”

  1. Very desolate. It is very sad that forests are destroyed like that. It looks like they never even tried to replant.

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