The Bees, The Beans, and The Horses [Video] – Boquete, Panama

Get yo mind outta the gutter! We haven’t made a birds and the bees video!

The Bees, The Beans, and The Horses is a little montage of the awesome things that we did in Boquete, Panama. I’d never heard of Boquete before Matt discovered it in Lonely Planet, but apparently it’s an extremely well-known place. In fact, it was rated as one the best places in the world to retire by International Living Magazine. Is 29 too young to retire?

Oh…in addition to that, Boquete is the place for growing coffee in Panama. The world’s most expensive (and best) coffee comes from here. It’s called Geisha coffee and we’ve tried it. Hehehe.

While we were in Panama’s coffee region, we just HAD to go on another coffee tour. This time, we wanted to see a big coffee farm so we went with Carlos to visit one of the Cafe Ruiz farms. Mr. Ruiz started his business a thousand years ago and at the ripe old age of 92, he still goes to his 11 farms EVERY DAY to check in on things. 
You go, Mr. Ruiz!

I thought that the Cafe Ruiz farm was going to be quite the juxtaposition to Don Cune’s small organic coffee farm. But to be honest, the set up wasn’t SO different — it was just massive at the Ruiz farm. There were still fruit trees all throughout the coffee trees, providing shade for optimal growing conditions, and putting nutrients back into the soil. They still didn’t want to use pesticides (though they did if they had to). And there was still a huge respect for the caffeined bean and what it needed thrive naturally.

That seems to be a common theme here. We felt the same respect and appreciation at Boquete Bees as well.

Look, I’m the first person to run like my ass is on fire if there’s a bee near me. But I love honey and don’t know that much about it’s producers.

Same with Matt.

So when we saw that we could tour a bee farm/honey farm in Boquete, we jumped on the opportunity. We’re so glad that we did! Emily, the bee keeper at Boquete Bees, was so informative both about bees and honey, as well as life in Boquete as an expat. Plus she introduced us to putting honey in your coffee, something that up until then, I figured was either misguided or hipster. 

Possibly both.

It’s definintely not misguided and I don’t care if it’s hipster. It’s something we will continue to do because it’s SO good (whenever we have honey, which so far hasn’t been often). Go on, try it!

Emily’s farm is completely set up for her bees. I’m not sure her bees know how good they have it but they’ve got all kinds of different flowers and fruit trees to feast on. 

You might not know this, but bees are super organized in the way they eat — they’ll finish one food source before they move on to the next. The diversity of food options on the farm means that the bees produce loads of different kinds/flavours of honey. And since Emily is amazing at the honey business, she uses this to her advantage and sells lots of unique raw honeys. Sweet!

And we enjoyed ALL of them at the honey tasting. Even sweeter!

Boquete is known for its eternal spring weather and fresh mountain air and gorgeous views. And what better way to enjoy all of that than on horseback?!

On one of our last days in Boquete, we saddled up and went on a trail ride through Marisella’s family farm. The views of Volcano Baru were amazing and the horses were darling. I grew up horseback riding and this ride was a great experience. It was Matt’s first time and he really liked it — I think he’s a natural! Matt and his horse looked like best buddies by the end of the ride.

Enough jibber-jabbering. Watch the video now, I know that’s what you came here for.

— Cyn and Matt

5 thoughts to “The Bees, The Beans, and The Horses [Video] – Boquete, Panama”

  1. Great blog as usual. I look forward to reading up on your travels. I have questions on this one. How is your Spanish coming along? Do you still run from bees? Did you make it across the tight rope? Does Matt want his own horse. Hint hint Shirley!

    1. Thanks!

      1) our Spanish could be better… we can get around but that’s about it. There’s still a lot of blank stares when we talk to people 2) I will always run from bees! Haha but I didn’t when we were in the tour. There are stingless bees (who knew!?) which were out and about on the tour, and the Africanized killer bees that they farm were outta sight. 3) I never made it across. But I managed to stand for a few seconds, which is basically the same thing 😉
      4) Matt said it’s impractical for us to ride horses through South America (of course I asked if we could do that) but he does want to ride again. All in all, I’m much closer to getting a horse than I used to be

  2. Well you never know do you what talent you have coming through the honey house. What fun guys and what a delightful surprise. Charlie would be nuts not leave Philly with all these great suggestions. Hope you two have a fabulous trip and hope to see you back @ Boquete bees soon. Friends of the honey house.

  3. This truly is incredible …. So happy you’ve chosen to live your lives immersed in the richness of this world.

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