Day Three With Our Campervan – Puerto PirĂ¡mides to Puerto Madryn

Magellanic Penguins! South American Sea Lions! Elephant Seals! Guanaco! Rhea!

These days were filled with more animals than driving, most of the kind that we were never taught about in school. 

Unfortunately, the ones we weren’t taught about – like the rhea (a small ostrich type land bird) and the guanaco (related to the alpaca) – are a bit hard to get pictures of using an iPhone. So, all I really got for you were pictures of young sea lions/elephant seals (I don’t know which) play fighting on the beach and super up close shots of Magellanic Penguins. I hope that’s okay đŸ™‚

This was the first time we’ve ever seen penguins in real life in the wild, and it was incredible! They are so darn cute. 

taken through binoculars
this guy was super interested in me (or my phone)
the interest wasnt mutual
would you look at those squishy feet!

Day three we drove around the Valdes Peninsula, which, like most of eastern Patagonia, was quite barren. We’d hardly seen a tree in days. The treeless views meant that we had no trouble spotting rheas and guanaco though. 

There are also these funny birds that hate flying (but can) and have fancy little head pieces, which makes them look like they’re on their way to a British wedding. If their fru-fru head pieces have any survival value, I’d be super surprised. 

They were perpetually crossing the road in front of us while we were on the Valdes Peninsula (and later we’d find out that they’d be doing through all of eastern Patagonia). They were rarely in a rush but when the started running, their little legs got going so fast that they looked almost like the Road Runner’s (not the same kind of bird, I just checked). 

picture of a poster
It’s probably worth mentioning that the day our dreams came true, a nightmare was unfolding for people in Paris. We caught a glimpse that something really bad was happening on an old tv in a great little bakery in Puerto PirĂ¡mides in the morning, but we couldn’t get the full story until that night. 

We spent the night at a great campsite on the edge of Puerto Madryn, a place that had a huge beach and seemed quite energetic. If we had more time, I would have so been up for a lazy beach day.

– Cyn

Ugh you guys, I made a mistake and completely forgot to include even a single peep about day 4. Not really a problem, but the cover image is from Punta Tombo…not Puerta PirĂ¡mides. Sorry for the ghastly confusion.