Day Four With Our Campervan – Puerto Madryn to Camarones

We stayed in a town called shrimps!! And saw a lot of penguins!!

Camarones is the Spanish word for prawn/shrimp (plural) and all throughout Central and South America we’ve seen towns named after the little fellas, which we thought…and probably forever will think…was so hilarious. I mean, who calls a town shrimp? Needless to say that when we saw we could finally lay our head to rest in a place called shrimp we took it.

The town itself was unremarkable save for the beautiful sunset. In fact, it was a one-shrimp kinda town. The even funnier thing about this town called shrimp was that it had a huge monument dedicated to salmon. Go figure.
Things in South America don’t always make sense to us.


he caught the salmon!
Now I’ll be totally truthful with you: we didn’t go all the way to a town called camarones for a laugh. We actually stayed there because we had been slightly north in Punta Tombo to visit another huge Magellanic penguin colony. In fact, it’s the biggest in South America.
And indeed, the colony at Punta Tombo was more impressive than the one on Valdes Peninsula that we had seen the day before.

At both locations, people were seperated from the wildlife so you couldn’t walk wherever you wanted to. It wasn’t a huge deal for us but if you’re a photographer, or just generally hate being told what you can and can’t do while you’re a visitor in another country, it might annoy you. The reason for the forced seperation is probably because there are too many people who have tried to pet the penguins. Every single one of the penguins at Punta Tombo is there to nest and its good that we can let them nest and raise their babies in peace.

penguin parent catching a breeze while staying with the eggs
With that said, we got SUPER close to the penguins. They aren’t scared at all and some are even curious. Mostly they just ignore people though and go about their daily penguin business.


a baby has hatched!!
 This is the second day we saw penguins, and awesomely, it won’t be the last!


In our last post, I was supposed to include all of this information about day 4 but I forgot! So here you go…a whole seperate post.