Still Alive – First 2 Weeks in Colombia

We’re not dead! I know it’s been nothing but the sounds of crickets on CharlieTravels for a few weeks…sorry about that.

I have a few posts that are coming to life, but internet is slow here in Cartagena, time’s been limited, I have so much to write, and we’ve having trouble with our GoPro not working with our iPad anymore so we can’t make videos (thanks for that, GoPro!).

Anyway, I thought I’d share what we’ve been up to so far, mostly in the form of pictures.

Casa Del Escritor in Santa Marta was our home base for nearly 2 weeks. From there…

…we ate loads of amazing (vegetarian) food, our favourite restaurants being Carepastel for cheap and delicious sandwiches and Govinda’s Restaurante Vegetariano for their giant set lunch (all veggie all the time for 8.000 COP).

…we indulged in the occasional coconut (by we, I mean me)


…we went on a crazy awesome adventure through the desert in the seediest district in Colombia for 3 days. And made it to most northern point in South America: Punta Gallinas!


…we watched Colombia play Peru in the Copa America



…I lost one of my Tiffany earrings jumping off a cliff into a river (I know, I know, I shouldn’t have worn Tiffany’s backpacking – I can hear you shaking your head).

…we trekked 43km over 5 days to see the Lost City. It was exhausting, exhilarating, and oh-so-worth it (blog and video to come)!



And now we’re in Cartagena.

We haven’t been able to do much here because Matt had been sick 🙁 It was either jungle trek food or the water. We think the water on our last day was most questionable. As in, we probably drank river water disguised as potable agua.

Cartagena is just as pretty as I remember her to be.



In between resting our weary bones (and bowels), we hung out on the old city wall, ate delicious empanadas, tried a disgusting street arepa (that had ham hiding it), and replaced my Tiffany earrings with ones that look identical and cost 3.000 COP…just a little over $1 USD.

– Cyn

4 thoughts to “Still Alive – First 2 Weeks in Colombia”

  1. Good to read a new blog. Hope Matt is feeling better. Too bad about your earrings – and yeah – what were you thinking even taking them!

  2. Happy to hear the update. Don’t drink anymore water! Lol Lucky person panning for gold could find your earring.

  3. Perhaps I’ll look at filters AND water purification tablets at MEC tomorrow. Can’t wait to hear more about your trek.

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