So long San Juan Del Sur

Yesterday, we said goodbye to a new old friend – San Juan Del Sur. 

New, because we only knew each other for 2 weeks. Old, because we got to know each other quite well. 

San Juan Del Sur is alluring, inviting, and hospitable. And yet, I must admit, it wasn’t that hard to say goodbye. Perhaps it’s the wanderlust. Perhaps it was the wind

Our year long travel really starts in San Juan Del Sur. We jumped face first into a home stay with a wonderful family. If you’re looking for a homestay, ask around for Dona Susana. 

She and her family live on the main (only) road going into the town in an orange house. They do a BBQ and sell the food every single night. 

At that house, we got 3 meals a day and a private bathroom (thank god for the privacy because I got the bad stomach the first week) and a fan that worked pretty damn well to cool us down. As it happens, the downside to living a metre from the main road is that a few times a night it sounded like a huge truck was going to drive straight through the wall and into our room. 

Scraping Matt off the ceiling a few times a night was the easy part, getting back to sleep was a little more arduous. 

That said, we somehow grew accustomed to the soothing sounds of trucks storming through our bedroom at night and very much enjoyed our stay at Susana’s house. I wish I took a picture of the house and the family but my Spanish wasn’t (isn’t) good enough…so ya. 

As part of our face first plunge into this new (awesome) life, we took Spanish classes at Latin American Spanish School. We did a modified version of the All Inclusive Program because we couldn’t afford the whole shabang. 

I think the classes were great and I totally loved my teacher Galdys. The last thing she said to me was “Cynthia you’re not normal” with a big smile on her face. Obviously she said it in Spanish 🙂 

Latin American Spanish School
Where all the action happens… LASS

Of course, it hasn’t been all work and no play!

We had a chance to catch some local celebrations, too. 

The first day we got to SJDS there was a beginning of summer party. We don’t have pictures because we didn’t bring our phones. 

That’s when we thought everyone was going to rob us. Not to jinx ourselves…but we bring our phones out with us now. 

I really do think that most people are good in this world, and they’d rather help than hurt you. I swear, nothing proves that more than travelling. 

St. Paddy's Day Ox Parade
St. Paddy’s Day Ox Parade
It didn’t take us long to get used to seeing Oxen (ox…oxes…oxi???) pull carts. The first time…you blink a few times and ask someone, “did I just see an ox pulling a cart?!” Then after that, it’s completely normal. Same with Cowboys – there are Cowboys too! (Except they wear baseball hats). 

So, to finish up and for your visual enjoyment, here’s a few final SJDS pics taken about town and at some beaches nearby.
 — Cynthia & Matt

Tiki Bar
Tiki Bar, San Juan Del Sur
Crab McCraberson IV, Maderas beach

Simon Says in San Juan Del Sur
Simon Says in San Juan Del Sur
The Beach Boys
Los Chicos de las Playas
Stray dog watching the sunset
Busking San Juan Del Sur
It’s busking, just not as we know it
San Juan Del Sur
Rubber ducky for the big bath anyones?
Sunset, San Juan Del Sur
How sunsets are done on the westside


3 thoughts to “So long San Juan Del Sur”

  1. “Cynthia you’re not normal” with a big smile on her face. <– That is awesome!

    Love the pictures and love the updates! I feel like I'm apart of your journey 🙂

    Love & miss you,

  2. Shirley Barr, a customer and friend of mine from Port told me about your trip. We love Nicaragua and have been 3 times. Your Blog is funny! Looks like you are enjoying all there is to do in Nica. Have fun on the rest of your trip.

    1. Thanks so much for reading 🙂 Nicaragua was amazing! Have you been to Panama? We’ve done 2 coffee tours here and your customers might be interested in Panama coffee (if you don’t offer it already). It’s really good!

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