Our Galápagos Video – Dreams Do Come True!

The Galápagos is one of those places that we all grow up hearing about. It seems like some far flung place on the outer edges of earth that only a few fortunate people get to go to – namely, the lucky people who get to make documentaries and TV programs on these magical islands. It’s a place that seems so out of reach for regular people that we barely dare dream about setting foot there.

But we’ve got wanderlust souls so we did dare dream about going to the Galápagos. And we did dare go – with our moms!

Honestly, the islands are every bit as magical in person. You feel like you’re living in a nature documentary. You pinch yourself constantly to see if this is real! 

Are you really snorkelling with sea lions…and sea turtles

How’s it possible that the blue-footed boobies aren’t flying away from you?

Land iguanaslava lizardsmarine iguanas, they’re everywhere!

Do you see? Those albatross just set foot on land for the first time in years and they’re doing their reunion dance!

Giant tortoises of every age are just a few steps away!

Watch our short video to see a bit of what we saw in the Galápagos Islands>> https://youtu.be/CJYuj7h5RKc

— Cyn and Matt

3 thoughts to “Our Galápagos Video – Dreams Do Come True!”

  1. That was just a magical video. Thank you for sharing such wonderful scenery and your close up interaction with the animals. Huge iguanas. Truly nature in one of the most protected, undisturbed areas of the world, where animals show no fear of humans.

    Almost forgot that was on our bucket list! Must look into it for next year’s adventure.

  2. It warms my heart to think about our time in the Galapagos. I was recently told that “people can devote their resources to acquiring things or memories” and what wonderful memories we have from this summer. You captured the magic so beautifully.

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