“OH F***!!!” – Dune Buggy Huacachina [Video]

Huacachina. A tranquil little tropical oasis in the middle of the sourthern Peruvian desert, it is not. 

No, this place is clubland Peru complete with cheap BBQs, cheap(ish) drinks and loud all-night-long music. It is indeed a desert oasis and for the briefest of moments in its history there may have been an urge to take Huachachina down the classy path of desert hideaway for the wealthy. 

Thankfully though, this didn’t happen. Instead, the people of nearby Ica saw the giant sand dunes surrounding Huachachina and put their car mechanic skills and imaginations to the test. They’ve built the craziest and loudest machines you could conjure up. And then made them go fast. 

And then put them on the sand dunes. And then scared the bejesus out of every tourist that came through.

Here’s our beast with it’s “driver”:

Here’s us, shitting ourselves. Enjoy.

— Matt

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