Mountain Biking Ecuador’s Chimborazo With Biking Spirit [Video]

Volcan Chimborazo is Ecuador’s highest mountain, reaching a sky-touching 6,310 meters. It’s technically the highest mountain in the world when you count from the earth’s core. You know, because of the equatorial bulge.

When sickness kept us from popular Cotopaxi, we decided that we’d take on Chimborazo instead. And man oh man, was it beautiful and fun!

Press play on the video below and watch our ride through Matt’s handlebars.

— Cyn

4 thoughts to “Mountain Biking Ecuador’s Chimborazo With Biking Spirit [Video]”

  1. Appeared quite desolate and cold! However the cycle down seemed like fun, albeit a bit scary when it looked as if you could tumble off the cliffs on the side. I would have had my brakes on at all time – gravel is much scarier than asphalt. What a fun experience for you both. Hope you will be warming up again!

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