Matt with Cats

It all started the week before we left on our year long Latin American adventure. 

Etobicoke, Canada

Matt loves tiny cats. And tiny cats love Matt. 

somewhere near Lost and Found in Panama

He even loves the angry, bite-y ones. And they love him back. 


Panama City, Panama
He even loves 3-legged jungle camp cats. And they’ll always find a way to get his pat.

1km away from the Lost City, Colombia
He especially loves cats that immediately fall asleep in his lap. 

San Agustin, Colombia
I’ll keep updating this as Matt hangs out with more cats.

It’s been a while since Matt has hung out with cats. But in Valparaíso, a cat just curled up on his lap. 


Even in the depths of Chile (at a random campsite outside of Río Tranquili, this cat had heard what a great snuggler Matt is. 

– Cyn

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