I Finally Tried Maracuya

Too bad it wasn’t ripe.

Colombia has loads of cool mystery fruit that I’ve been looking forward to trying. The ugly maracuya is one of them! 

Most of the ones I’ve seen have been much wrinklier than the one I chose. Turns out, they wrinkle when they’re ripe. So yep, I ate an unripe fruit because I didn’t know what I was doing…and I google after the fact. 

The Chosen One was seemed edible though. At least for me because I had no idea what to expect.

I cut it open and was met with a sweet and fragrant aroma. I took a moment to inhale deeply and truly enjoy this fruit’s sweet offering. 

Mostly, I was just trying to figure out what to do next. Do I eat the seeds? Just eat the slime?  I went all in. 

I grabbed a spoon and shovelled a spoonful of slimy seeds into my mouth. No holding back for me. 

My eyes watered a little. This fruit is so tart!! It was like eating a lemon! It tasted nothing like it’s sweet aroma. 

The texture was weird. Is weird. It’s kind of like mucus and the seeds seem like they should be similar to pomegranate but they aren’t. They make a sort of cracking sound when you bit them, and they taste like nothing. 

By the end of my Maracuya, I realized that it’s best of you just swallow the slimy seeds whole. It’s sweeter that way.

My favourite part of the fruit is probably the part that you shouldn’t eat. It’s the part that looks like an alien and holds the seeds to the inside wall of the fruit. Looks gross, tastes good!


What’s the weird fruit you ever ate?

— Cyn 

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