Granada, hotter than hot

Granada, the oven of Nicarauga, is certainly charming with its picturesque buildings and views.



We were in Granada for a week, doing Spanish classes (still pretty badly needed) and another homestay. 



Casa Xalteva is a wonderful place to study Spanish in Granada!Our teacher Maria was really friendly and she was quick to laugh at us.

Especially when she told us that…Matt had been calling the mother at homestay Doughnut instead of Mrs. 

You know, when you’re learning another language you’re bound to make some pretty hilarious mistakes. So it helps if your teacher is quick to point out your goofy errors and laugh at you. Dontcha think?!

Aside from studying Spanish, we passed the time hanging out in cafes and trying not to die of heat stroke. We were not prepared for the heat in Granada. Like it was just. So. Hot. 

Our favourite place to catch a warm breeze was called Garden Cafe. Their beers were cold and the cookies delicious! We didn’t try the food because we were being stuffed full at our homestay.  



There’s lots of opportunity to take advantage of happy hours in the city centre. You can get good deals, like 2 for 1 beers, at El Tercer Ojo. But make sure you pay attention to the actual hours of the happy hour. 


While it might seem like every hour is happy hour, it’s not. We went too early and had to pay full price for 4 of our 6 beers. Dang!

Fear not — we didn’t miss out on the natural beauty surrounding Granada.

We spent a blissful day soaking up the sun in the crater lake that is Laguna de Apoyo. 



And an adventurous afternoon exploring Mayasa Volcano, too. 



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