Enter the jungle [Video]

This post was a little delayed in the blogging factory. Seems like you can’t pay your blogging elves enough milk and cookies to get these posts written and uploaded in good time…

Anyhow, elves aside, we were indeed in Tortuguero, Costa Rica for a few days and so we did indeed need to enter it (at a cost of around $8 USD each). Here’s how one can locate this funky little jungle-is-massive town:

  • First, head to the Caribe Bus Terminal in San Jose and take the 9am bus. That’ll get you to the bustling jungling metropolis of Tortuguero by mid-afternoon. Get yourself a ticket to Cariari direct from San Jose.
  • The bus takes a couple hours and drops you off at the “new” bus station in the south of town. You’ll then need to take the public bus to La Pavona from Cariari. For us, this bus was fortunately waiting for us there so we just walked a couple metres, got on it, paid the driver for our one way bus and boat ticket to Tortuguero and set off. (If the bus isn’t waiting you may need to walk 400 metres or so up the road to the “old” bus station to catch the bus to La Pavona). 
  • The second bus takes around an hour to La Pavona. When you arrive, you’ll find a restaurant with some expensive ($1usd per use), albeit it nice and clean, banos. You will also find the dock where the public boat will be waiting for you (they wait for the bus to arrive before setting off). 
  • At the dock, you’ve got your ticket already (or we saw some peeps had to pay for the boat still) yet you will still need to pay for your big backpacks to go on a separate little river boat to Tortuguero. Don’t worry, the boat with your bags follows you or you follow it all the way. It cost us 1,000 Colones per bag (around $2 each).
  • Now you’re on the boat you can sit back and enjoy one of the greatest 1 hour water taxi rides you’ll ever take…

  — Matt

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