Day Zero With Our Campervan – Buenos Aires

I’m currently sitting in the Andean Roads campground in Buenos Aires admiring our Campervan. Sure, she’s not as fancy as a VW but she’s ours for 32 days…33 if you count today, day zero, our bonus day of sleeping in her!

We might not have a firm plan for where we’re going to go over the next month, but at least we have a name for our van. 

Her name is Peppy because…she’s “got a bit of pep” as Matt exclaimed when we took her for a test drive to a nearby restaurant. 

So there you go, meet Peppy!  

Day Zero has been spent with Matt organizing all of our belonging to fit into Peppy. It’s a tight squeeze because well…look at her. 

The table is the bed. The bed is the kitchen. And every crevasse has our things in it – not that we had a lot to begin with, but it seems like lots. 

Tonight we get acquainted and figure out how the bed works, and how not to suffercate ourselves while keeping mosquitoes out of old Peppy.

Here’s to Day Zero!



Peppy got a little more action today. We cooked our first Campervan meal: pasta with tomato sauce and zucchini, onion, and red pepper. A meal I’m sure we’ll be eating well…everyday. It’s pretty funny cooking out the back our van!


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