Day Two With Our Campervan – Tornquist to Puerto Pirámides

Do you know what kind of thing a Guanaco is? Ya, I didn’t know it was even a thing either until I saw it on the side of the road.

It’s a relative of the alpaca but these guys are not domesticated – wild and free, jumping fences all over Argentina.

Here’s the story of how I got to know what a Guanaco is.

Our alarm went off at the hateful hour of 7am. No way were we making the same mistake again. 

Because we were camping opposite a factory, we felt a bit weird about sticking around to make coffee for ourselves. We quickly packed up our roadside bed and headed off to the nearest gas station to refuel our car and ourselves. 

Most of day two was spent driving through boring flat terrain. At least the sun was shining brightly instead of rain. We were even able to cook lunch on the side of the road.

Our goal was to make it to a proper campsite BEFORE it was pitch black. We’re learning lessons left, right, and centre here.

The campsite we had our eye on was on a peninsula – Valdes Peninsula – that was home to penguins. 

The main thing though was that we arrived before dark so we didn’t have a repeat of yesterday’s failed attempt at finding a campsite.

And so…Matt drove over 1,000kms and more than 11 hours. 

We paid our park entrance fee, and headed to town. And it was there on the side of the road that we saw our first group of Guanacos.

We did make our goal. We got to the campsite (which took a bit of finding) at 15 minutes to 7pm. The showers closed at 7pm – and we were desperate for a shower after sleeping on the side of the road! Before we even parked Peppy, we ran into the shower.

After our rushed but hot showers, we set about finding a good place to park for the night. 

And hereto we learned another lesson: Peppy can’t drive through soft sand.

Oh ya, she got stuck. But luckily not for too long. The crisis was averted by Matt’s driving skills and my pushing skills.

Truly, we’re novices at this Campervan-I got through Argentina but at least we’re quick learners!

So, we toasted a successful day with a glass of kind wine and then cooked dinner out the back of our van while the sun went down. 


As we were finishing dinner, our oblivious neighbours cranked their annoying music. So we packed up and moved to somewhere quieter. The amount of freedom in being able to do that is incredible.

– Cyn

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