Say Who?

Editor-in-Chief: Cynthia

cynthia [dot] alana [dot] barr [at] gmail [dot] com

BCT (before charlie travels), Cynthia was a fundraising copywriter in Toronto. While she loves helping charities better the world, after 3.5 years behind a desk, it was time to pack her bags, book a flight, and experience the very things she’d been writing about. Luckily, her husband had the same plan.

Videographer/Contributor: Matt

bmb [at] mattdbarr [dot] com

BCT, Matt worked as a PMP-certified project manager for 6 years and led many a website design and development project for charities from around the world. Here’s the more formal way of describing Matt’s work. Apart from that, it’s all been about Tottenham Hotspur, drums and, of course, his partner in travels, Cynthia.

Tweet tweet: @travel4charlie

Instagram: Cynthia and Matt

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