A Weekend at the Beaches

When you live in San Juan Del Sur, life’s a beach. Or, life’s next to a gaggle (plural, ed?) of beaches. 

After a week of Spanish language classes, there seemed to be only one way we were going to spend the weekend… checking out a couple beaches North and South of San Juan Del Sur and sampling the delights of the SJDS nightlife. Ok, two things. And, ok, we’ve been carrying out the second thing many times already.

Anyhow, our first stop was North of SJDS, a beach called Maderas. And what a beauty she turned out to be (yes, beach being la playa means “she beach”, correcto?). Great for walking, swimming, drinking cervezas, sunbathing and, apparently, surfing. 


On Sunday, and with a couple of mean hangovers, we went South of SJDS to the “private” beach of Hermosa. This is a long, wide bright sandy beach. I think the sunbathing would have been fantastic here was it not for:

  1. The aforementioned hangovers, 
  2. The burns on my feet from the previous day of beach time (kids, remember to apply sunscreen to the tops of your feet),
  3. The Nicaraguan wind pleasuring itself on this marvellous beach.

Anyhow, the one bar/restaurant/hostel here had many hammocks to rest up in and yours truly found himself swinging away the day in one. 



So, one weekend, two beaches, a great night out with a couple of Saskatooners (peoples of Saskatoon, ed?) made for a brilliant fin de semana.

 — Matt

5 thoughts to “A Weekend at the Beaches”

  1. The beaches look beautiful! Cynthia, I absolutely love the picture of you looking out into the ocean. I feel your calm and happiness 🙂

    Miss & love you,

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