9 Reasons Why You Should Go to La Laguna de Apoyo in Nicaragua

La Laguna de Apoyo La Laguna de Apoyo – image from summitpost.org 

You should definitely go to La Laguna de Apoyo! You’d be crazy not to if you’re in the area, in my completely unbiased opinion.

Here are our 9 reasons why we think you should go: 

  1. La Laguna de Apoyo is such an easy day trip from Granada, Nicaragua. You can take public transit or just hire a taxi to take you the whole way. In less than an hour (via bus), you’ll be swimming in an extinct volcano crater!
  2. And who doesn’t want to swim in an extinct volcano crater!? Pretty solid bragging rights, right there!
  3. The water at La Laguna de Apoyo is SO nice! For the intense heat of Granada, the water at La Laguna is the perfect warm-cool temperature — it’s not too cool. You know the temperature I mean? Like when someone calls a lake “refreshing” and they really mean “shockingly cold”? Yea. It’s not like that. It’s perfect!
  4. There are waves as well. I found that completely shocking in a good way — I found lots of surprises at La Laguna de Apoyo!
  5. For Matt and I, La Laguna de Apoyo and Monkey Hut reminded us of cottage country at home. It was amazing!
  6. You can buy a day pass at a rustic-resort type thing for $6. Or you can go to the public beach for free. We didn’t do that.
  7. We went to Monkey Hut, and had use of their kayaks (regrettably didn’t use them), lounge chairs, hammocks, floating docks, and bathrooms/change rooms. It was amazing there in the morning, but got SUPER busy in the afternoon. Get there early to secure your spot! Also bring food because the food there is expensive and isn’t anything special (at least the pizza that we had was). Anyway, we weren’t there for the food so it didn’t really matter. We were there to cool off!
  8. There’s something for everyone! You can SUP (stand up paddleboard), kayak, swim, sunbathe (my fave!), BBQ, drink, or just chill out in a hammock and soak up the sweet sweet Laguna vibe.
  9. As you’re swimming around, it’s hard not to notice how seriously beautiful it is. A massive volcano crater with brilliant blue water, surrounded by lush green trees. Yes please!

Get more info about La Laguna de Apoyo, including its history and places to stay.

La Laguna de Apoyo is an absolute must-do in Nicaragua in our books! 

– Cyn

3 thoughts to “9 Reasons Why You Should Go to La Laguna de Apoyo in Nicaragua”

    1. There are fish (I had to look it up). We didn’t see any, but then again we haven’t seen fish in the oceans either, and there are definitely fish 🙂

      Apparently there are a few endemic species of fish (angel fish, I believe) and some that have been introduced. As recent as 2010, new species have been discovered there. Pretty cool!

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